Why you maybe the cause for your slow internet.

When one thinks of their internet disruptions, the user is usually thought of as the last thing to cause problems. In fact we think of everything else being the cause of slow internet except us.

Yes there are outside factors such as cell phones, other routers, satellite phones that can slow our internet down.

Aquariums can also cause a slow down of your wifi internet. Which brings us to our next forgotten cause: YOU.

Aquariums slow down wifi because the water absorbs the RF or radio frequency from your wireless internet. The human body is 50-60% water. Get the connection we are making? For example, lets say that you consistently use the internet from a computer that has to be wired to connect to the internet but at the same time you have a wireless router in that room. Your body is absorbing more than 10% of that RF signal that is broadcast in your house.

So how can this be prevented?

You can move your modem and router to an open empty room or use a wireless computer to avoid working in the same room your router is in.

You can also go with a wifi booster to expand upon the weak signal and possibly bring wifi to the dead zone areas in your home.

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