Why Wifi Speed Testing Is Pointless

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​After being a telecom tech for 10 years I have seen the creation of the wifi speed test junkie. Wifi speed testing can be an addiction for people who think their ISP or internet service provider is cheating them out of wireless internet speeds. They run wifi speed test daily. 

​The task of running speed every day seems a lil ocd and pointless. Especially if you are someone who can't fix their own wifi. But never the less that is why I am here.
​If you are going to be a wifi speed test junkie then its best to make it count. I have talked about the things that can slow your wifi down here. Lets look at some things you can do to make your wifi speed test count.
Check The Connected Devices
Wifi speed testing is not going to be of use to you if you are running the tests daily while you have other devices slowing you down. Remember your wifi is only as fast as your slowest device. Go into your wifi settings of your modem or gateway and check the connected devices. Turn off the wifi on all the connected devices except your fastest device such as a laptop or desktop that never gives you any trouble wirelessly. Run a wifi speed test while you have one device connected. Do not forget to note the results of the test. Now turn on the wifi to each device that uses wireless one by one. In between turning on wifi on each device do a speed test and write down your results. Once you find the offending device you may need to see if it needs an update so it can keep up with your wifi or if it can be removed from your network altogether.
Do a Cold Reset
​The quickness of your wifi can also depend on the internal channel your router or gateway is set on. A cold reset is a one by one device reset. This reset allows your router or gateway to choose a different less crowded channel to operate on. Just simply unplug your modem or gateway for 10 seconds and plug it back in. Then reset your router if you have one. Then reset your computer or device. This process allows your devices to also sync to each other.
Check Your Own Home
​Another overlooked issue can be your own home. The building materials your home is made of can hinder your wifi speed greatly. Especially if you have a new home with aluminum backing on the insulation or an old home made out stucco. What I recommend is repositioning your modem or router or a wifi extender. Make sure other things such as an aquarium or baby monitor are not close by to your modem or router. These things especially distort and absorb your wifi frequency.
​Following these tips will give you a better perspective of how your wifi is performing. If you would like to get some more tips and tricks to get a better performing wifi then sign up here to recieve notifications from our site. Happy wifi speed testing.

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