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What is Wifi X?

The mysterious wifi troubleshooting AI chatbot

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First off what is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a artificial intelligence entity that is used to take on many tasks and answer questions of consumers. This technology has been catching on from small businesses to enterprise businesses. Chatbots have been proven to be very useful in assisting businesses as a virtual customer service rep.

​Thats Nice...but what does that have to do with wifi?

Here at How To Fix Wifi we found a use for this AI chatbot that we have dubbed as WiFi X. It can take on the task of helping people troubleshoot their wifi connection. We want this technology to fully encompass the thought process of an on site technician. In other words we are building a virtual tech. Yes there are a lot of things a tech must do on site that the average person is not familiar with. But as internet customers grow this technology can give consumers a always on site tech that they can access 24/7 and ask any wifi internet question without having to call their ISP or try to siphon all the info that google has on the subject. This can essentially save you money on a tech visit and save the ISP money on sending a tech out to your residence. A win-win. After this chatbot is complete it will be able to:

  • Answer questions that you have about your wifi connection
  • Give you a easy to follow troubleshooting path to your wifi issue
  • It will always be on and available
  • It wont tell you to just reset the device. Wifi X will give you easy to do optimizations and fixes for your wifi internet. 
  • Wifi X will be in spanish and english. 
  • It will be just for Comcast internet users at first and other internet providers will follow. 
​That's Great! When will the chatbot be ready for use?

​After we run some test and thoroughly run the gauntlet of trial and error we will make this chatbot available for public beta testing. This will be a constantly improving piece of software. We want Wifi X to get better every week.

If you are a Comcast customer and would like to volunteer to try out Wifi X then please subscribe to the site.

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