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Brace Yourself- Comcast Price Increases in 2020

Get ready for another price increase from Comcast- and the real reasons why it happens.

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Another year and yet another price increase from Comcast. Its across the board too. The cable and internet giant usually raises prices every year either near the end of the year or the beginning of a new year.

Most customers are going to receive some type of communication about the increase on Nov. 18. What Comcast means is that you will receive an ad page and not at the account level. Meaning they will do a small paper ad that you won't look at so you won't get livid. Well, not right away.

Price increase will go as follows for residential customers:

  • Xfinity Internet: $3.00 on all speeds beginning with Performance through Gig
  • Internet/Voice Equipment rental: $1.00 New Monthly Rate: $14.00
  • xFi Advantage Bolt On: $5.00 New Monthly Rate: $20.00
  • Broadcast TV Fees: $4.95 New Monthly Rate: $14.95
  • Internet Essentials: $1.00 New Monthly Rate: $10.95

Price increase will go as follows for Comcast Business customers:

  • BTV/RSN: Broadcast TV will be consistent with residential customers
  • Modem: $1.50 New Monthly Rate: $18.45
  • Voice Network Investment: $1.00 New Monthly Rate: $3.00 All voice customers
  • Voice Network Investment Adv Voice: $3.00 for all Advanced Voice customers
  • Metro E equipment: $5.00 New Monthly Rate: $34.95 (singleview)
  • Video Primary Equipment: $2.30 New Monthly Rate: $5.00

Why is my rate increasing?

According to Comcast your rates are increasing to help improve the network, products and services. Comcast has been improving their network to include what they call "Gig" speed (its really only up to 974mbps over coax). But they have been doing this most of 2017 and 2018.

The main reason your bill goes up is because the FCC is charging the telecom companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Spectrum more to operate (they all use government equipment to bring you service). So you in turn help pay that bill to the federal government.

Why is the cost of my modem increasing?

Comcast says that it is increasing prices to account for faster speeds and they want to 'ensure you have the best equipment on the market'. Yeaaa. You can avoid this cost by buying your own modem thats compatible with Comcast's internet if you want to avoid these modem rental price increases.

According to Comcast though, you will be missing out on their Xfinity xFi features like pausing wifi access, monitoring data usage etc. Look. The xFi pods are made by a third party company and don't have near the range as Google Pods. Comcast does't even roll a tech to your house for the xFi pods because its NOT THEIR PRODUCT. It just has Comcast branding. In fact you can do all of those xFi features with Google Pods and get better range and performance.


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What is the Broadcast TV fee?

Comcast and other telecom companys own alot of tv stations. Comcast own Style and HSN and E!. Spectrum or Time Warner owns some stations also. Say you are a U-verse customer. In order for you to view Style AT&T has to pay Comcast to broadcast that channel. This works between all of the big companies such as Spectrum, Comcast, and AT&T. They pay each other to broadcast certain channels. So what do they do? They increase the price that they charge each other to broadcast these channels. Who helps pay for this in the end? You the customer of course

When do these price increases start?

The new rates start December 18, 2019 and will be reflected on your bill. Then on Januaray 1, 2020 the rate adjustments take effect and of course everyone's bill will be different depending on where you live. What a way to start the new year huh? Sound off in the comments let us know how you really feel and don't forget to subscribe below.

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