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Best Ways to Speed Up Internet

Without calling these high speed internet companies

Best Tips to Speed up Your Internet Connection with Wireless Broadband

If you are like most computer owners, odds are you own at least one laptop and prefer the ability to browse the web from any area of your home. While the freedom of no wires can be quite liberating, a wireless connection can sometimes have a negative effect on your internet connection speed. Here are some simple, yet effective, tips that can help speed up your internet connection or even increase your wifi speed when using wireless broadband.

First, consider rebooting your router. Then measure your internet speed. If the speed of your internet connection has been fine and you just recently experienced some slowness, the problem can possibly be caused by your router. When any electronic device is on for an extended period of time they can get confused, which can prevent the device from performing at its optimum level. If you have ever left your computer on for an extended period of time you have probably noticed a similar scenario.

Whether your applications take longer to load or you experience slowness in general, these are commonly symptoms of a bogged down electronic device. In order to speed up your internet connection, just turn off your pc and router, wait a minute and then turn the router back on, making sure your pc is the last one to be turned on. This can help speed up your internet connection with very little effort.

Lastly, make sure all wires used to connect your wireless device are as short as possible. A common symptom of internet slowness is simply the fact that a cable is longer than it needs to be. If you have ever setup a TV in a room where there was no plug with a cable run from at least 10 feet away, odds are you probably noticed a decrease in image quality. This is caused by the excessive distance the signal needs to travel, which causes attenuation aka signal loss. The same thing happens when you utilize cables that are no longer truly necessary for your device setup. In order to speed up your internet connection, its best to utilize the shortest cables you can in order to cut down the amount of signal loss you may experience. Replace longer cables if possible and you are sure to speed up your internet connection in no time.

These are just a few of the tips that can help you speed up your internet connection. Check the length of your cables and consider rebooting your router and you are sure to find at least one way to speed up your internet connection so you can enjoy your high speed internet for years to come.

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